8:30 – 9:00 / Welcome & Participants registration

Bogdan Simon – President of the FONPC, Executive Director of SERA Foundation România

Mara Surugiu – The FONPC representative of the Youth and Children Council

Alexandre Morel  – Co-Director General, CARE France

Davina Said – Head of Forced Migration, International Council for Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)

Ally Dunhill Director of Policy, Advocacy and Communication, Eurochild

Victoria Stoiciu, State Advisor, Chancellery of  the Prime Minister of Romania

Ligia Deca, Minister, Ministry of Education, Romanian Government.

Cătălina Galer, State Advisor – Department of Relations with Public Authorities and Civil Society, Presidential Administration

Rareș-Petru Achiriloaie, President of the National Authority for the Protection of Children’s Rights and Adoption (ANPDCA), Ministry of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities Ministry, Child Guarantee National Coordinator.

Bogdan Eduard Simcea, State Advisor, Ministry of Investments and European Projects

Aslak Solumsmoen – Senior Interagency Coordination Officer, Regional Bureau of Europe, UNHCR

Ramona Chiriac, Head of the European Commission Office in Romania

Victor Negrescu – Member of European Parliament, Vice-chair Committee on Culture and Education, Quaestor Committee on Budgets

Ana-Maria Coscotin, Head of Unit, DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission

Dragos Pîslaru – Member of the European Parliament – Chair of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (Video Intervention).

Victor Chirila – Ambassador of Moldova in Romania, Embassy of Moldova.

Prokopchuk Ihor – Ambassador of Ukraine in Romania, Embassy of Ukraine

Topic 1 – Platinum Room/hybrid transmission: The integration of refugees and migrants in social services, education, health and labor market in European countries – good practices and policy comparisons.

Facilitator: Claudia Petrescu, InstitutuI de Cercetare a Calitatii Vietii (ICCV)

Rapporteur:  Anabela Geangu, SCOP Timiș 

Setting the scene 

Chiara Catelli, Policy Officer, ECRE

Corina Andrei, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Specialist, FONPC


Beatrice Darie, Program Director, Bethany Foundation

Masha Volynsky, European Program for Integration and Migration (EPIM)

Xristina Skourou, Program Coordinator, The Smile of the Child Greece

Silviu Ioniță, Director Club Sportiv Snagov

Topic 2 – Colorado Room: Localization in large refugee and migrant crises in Europe – inclusive partnership models and the role of local and national NGO (ICVA, CARE France)

Facilitator:  Dr. Anemari Nitu , Expert Advocacy & Capacity Building

Rapporteur:  Bogdan Pavel, Team Leader, SERA

Setting the scene:

Gabriela Miranda, Senior Policy Officer, ICVA 

Louis Ridon, Advocacy Officer, CARE France


Mariana Arnăutu Phd., Deputy Operations Manager, Ukraine Crisis Response, World Vision Romania / National Office

Viviana Cobzaru, Country Representative (Moldova & Romania),WeWorld

Irene Basiul, Program Coordinator, AAP Task Force Manager, National Congress of Ukrainians of Moldova

Kamila Wujec, Humanitarian Leadership Academy, Save the Children Poland

Topic 3 –  Arizona Room: Migrant and Refugee Children – protection and integration needs and good practices 

Facilitator: Zuzana Konradova, EU Affairs Coordinator, Eurochild

Rapporteur: Valentina Mirza, Humanitarian and Advocacy Specialist, FONPC

Setting the scene:

Zuzana Konradova, EU Affairs Coordinator, Eurochild

Voica Tomus, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF 


– Gareth Williams-James, Eurochild Independent Member, UK

– Laura Ghica, Director, Terre des Hommes Romania & Olsi Dudumi, Regional Innovation and Youth Empowerment Adviser, Terre des Hommes Regional Hub Budapest. 

– Alexia Stouraiti, Roots Research Center Greece

Anna Burtea, Executive Director, “Heart of a Child” Foundation 

– Chris Gittens, Including Children Affected by Migration (ICAM) network

WG 1 – The integration of refugees and migrants in social services, education, health and labor market in European countries (15 min)

WG 2 – Localization in large refugee and migrant crises in Europe – inclusive partnership models and the role of local and national NGOs (15 min)

WG 3 – Migrant and Refugee Children – protection and integration needs and good practices  (15 min)

Q&A and Discussions

Collective Intervention Recommendations Wall

  • overview from each WG

Reflection and prioritization space

Conclusions for the day

Emmanuella Croce – Co-Director General, CARE France


ICVA – Gabriela Miranada, Senior Policy Officer

Eurochild – Ciaran O’Donnell, Partnerships and Programmes Officer

ECRE – Chiara Catelli, Policy Officer

FONPC – Catalina&Bianca&Corina&Daniela 

CONCEPT: The marketplace is a place for organizations and partners to connect, network and leverage each organization’s talent in opportunities for collaboration. Each technical stand offers participants an overview of their work, opportunities for involvement, as well as a chance to grow their capacities, contribute their specific focus, and grow their network and space of influence. The marketplace provides a platform for exchanging knowhow and discovering synergies for greater impact.

For online participants 4 films will be streamed by the organizers.


Historical Landmark Restaurant ”Caru cu Bere” – the 7th Most Legendary Restaurant in the World (by Tasteatlas)
Location: Stavropoleos 5, Old town, Bucharest

8:45 – 9:00 Welcome Coffee & networking

Mihai Rădulescu, journalist – moderator 

Key policy and advocacy recommendations from the previous day working groups.


Masha Volynsky, European Program for Integration and Migration (EPIM)

Victor Sulla, Task Team Leader, Senior Social Protection Economist, Social Protection & Jobs, World Bank

Kerstin Agneta Wahlberg, EEA and Norway Grants Counsellor,  Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest

International Intermediaries (INGOs, UN):

  • Pablo Zapata, Head of UNHCR Romania
  • Jean-Benoit (JB) Manhes, senior emergency coordinator, UNICEF Romania
  • Jean Saslawsky, Director for Program Operations, CARE France

Q&A – on line platform

Facilitator: ICVA


  • Ioan Tanase – Director of Programs, Roma Education Fund Foundation;


  • Marianna Onufryk, Expert on Inclusion and Child Protection, European Disability Forum 
  • Iatu Andreea, Vice-President Autism Baia Mare


  • Daniela Draghici, Vice-Chair, Romanian Women’s Lobby & Advocacy Specialist, ANAIS Association



Inspirational story

Daniela Bosca – Executive Director, FONPC 

Claudiu Craciun – Assistant Professor PhD, National School of Political Sciences and Administration

Terre des Hommes Romania & Regional Hub Budapest Radu Racareanu, Program Manager

QArts – Oana Dragulinescu, Executive Director

ASSOC – Liana Munteanu, Project Manager

Profilaxis – Oriana Goleanu, Program Coordinator

Star of Hope– Topala Camelia, Program Director

People in Need (PIN) – Tomáš Ďuraňa, Country Programme Coordinator Moldova & Ukraine, People In Need

SERA & CARE – Nino Uglava, Program Design & Quality assurance, CARE France &  Bogdan Pavel, Response Team Leader, SERA Foundation

For on line participation – 10 minutes live transmission from the marketplace, followed by a series of 9 films produced within the Care Ukraine program, showcasing the activities of NGOs present in the marketplace and beyond.

In person visits of refugee programs run by NGOs and local authorities in Bucharest.

Carusel (15 persons)

RomExpo (20 persons)

Social Incubator (10 persons)

International Foundation for Child and Family(IFCF) (5 persons) 

Aliat (8 persons)

Museum of Abandonment (15 persons)